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"i hurt my finger," says the infant orangutan. "let me take a look," mom replies, with a consoling kiss. "feels better. give me a hug," says the infant.

"we share so much with these animals and i don’t think we give them the credit for how much like us they are," notes evan hambrick. “humans love to be touched and kissed and the orangutans are no different.” orang hutan is actually malay for “person of the forest.”

orangutans are believed to be the most intelligent animals in the world other than humans, and express a depth of emotion to one another with their faces and hands. they are also one of the few animals with a longer childhood dependence on the mother than a human. baby orangs are nursed until they are about six years old.

photos (click pic) by takayuki maekawa, cheryl molennor, evan hambrick, and jami tarris. (posts on the orangutan’s endangered status)

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Meet me in Montauk 

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Illuminated nights captured by Roberto Bertero

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World’s Shortest Photoshoot (via Kathrin K. und Kötis)

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